2016 Volkswagen Golf R (Mk7) - Manual - $16,750 (Simi Valley)

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condition: good
cylinders: 4 cylinders
drive: 4wd
fuel: gas
odometer: 126100
paint color: grey
title status: clean
transmission: manual
type: hatchback
This is my 2016 Volkswagen Golf R (with DCC and Nav)- and unfortunately the time has come to sell it. I hadn't planned on getting rid of this car, but I've ended up with too many cars and I don't drive this enough to justify holding onto it. The Mk7 Golf R is quite possibly the best ‘do everything’ (modern) used car in my opinion- it's surprisingly luxurious and well constructed for its class, while also being impossibly fun on a twisty road. This will probably be a long ad, but please read it completely before asking any questions, as I'll probably answer them below.


I purchased this car from the original owner with 117,034 miles on May 24th, 2023. It has been a Southern California car its entire life, and well taken care of since day one. The car has never been in an accident, but it has had two minor ‘incidents’ during previous ownership. The first incident occurred when they failed to set the parking brake and upon returning, the car had rolled a few feet back into a tree, the rear bumper cover was refinished at this time- this is not noted on Carfax. The second incident occurred in 2019, if I remember correctly, this was a low-speed rear collision, the rear bumper cover and hatch were refinished (not replaced)- this is noted as minor damage (not even as accident damage) on Carfax.


The car shows fairly well, but it isn't perfect. There are some minor imperfections here and there, but I'll be describing the notable stuff (also including close-up photos). Starting on the passenger side of the hood, there is a scratch/indent about 5 inches in length. There is a ding in the driver front fender, possibly from a BB- the paint was chipped and touched up. The driver rear door has a minor chip/ding about ½ inch long, it was touched up. The hatch has a star shaped crack in the paint, about 1.5 inches in diameter. The rear bumper cover finish is a bit dull and in some lighting, a shade too dark- it also has a weak clip on the passenger side which creates a gap sometimes. The front bumper does have license plate screw holes, as well as a scuff from the plate in the past. Aside from those imperfections, the car is in nice shape- no failing clear coat. I had a new windshield installed in July (2023).


The interior is in very nice condition, overall not much wear considering the higher mileage. The seats have no tears or abnormal bolster wear. I have installed OEM rubber all-weather floor mats, I also have the used factory plain black carpet mats, and a set of new-in-bag OEM silver trimmed accessory mats. The windows are tinted with SunTek CXP film- rear windows are 35%, front side windows are 70%, windshield has no tint. I have installed clip-in OEM VW mesh rear window shades, there are 3 pieces- the rear window, and rear sides. The trunk has a universal cut-to-fit WeatherTech mat installed by the original owner. Also, I’ve installed a Black Forest Industries ‘GSB’ leather wrapped shift knob.


The 2.0 ‘EA888’ engine with the IS38 turbocharger is one of the most impressive modern 4 cylinders. It manages to be powerful, efficient, and even fairly reliable- especially for a modern European car (it’s even fairly easy to work on!). This particular car has been excellent to own, it really hasn't needed anything. It had a water pump done under warranty when it was fairly new (25k maybe? I have to check records). The car has not lost any coolant in the ~1 year and 9k miles I've owned it. Haldex unit was also replaced under warranty, again not sure the mileage- I have to check records. Speaking of records, I have a binder full of service records since new. I've also kept note of everything I've done, including fuel stops. The car is fairly stock, with just an APR Stage 1 (High Torque) flash, Neuspeed P-Flo ‘air intake’, and CTS high-flow turbo inlet. All 3 were installed at 119,989 miles by Matt's A Plus Car Care in Huntington Beach. All modifications are CARB compliant, the vehicle will be smogged before sale is finalized. I'll also note in this section- I installed an ECS Tuning resonator delete pipe (similar to what the Audi S3 was equipped with). It's very subtle, pretty quiet, and most importantly can be put back to stock as the resonator is included and installed with just clamps. I replaced the PCV assembly/oil separator at 117,391 miles with the latest revision genuine VW part (preventative maintenance as they're known to fail). Oil was changed every 3000-3500 miles with LiquiMoly Leichtlauf High Tech 5w40- last changed at 124,981 miles on December 15th 2023.

This is a highly controversial topic- the choice to purchase a manual VW over a DSG. Personal opinion- if I'm gonna buy a fun car like this, I need it to be engaging. The shifter *is* typical VW, a bit rubbery and loose feeling- but it is still a joy to row through the gears, providing surprisingly positive gear changes, I have confidence that I'll end up in the correct gear despite its rubbery feel. The BFI shift knob did wonders for shift quality in every way, as the stock shift knob is very cheap feeling. No grinds or pop-outs of course, shifts like new. I do have a DieselGeek shifter bushing kit, but I haven't had a chance to install it. Clutch was replaced with a Sachs Race Engineering Stage 1 clutch around ~65k miles (record included, of course). It's not too firm, easy to modulate, and most importantly has never slipped on me. It is a little noisy at idle as most performance clutches are (especially in Mk7s), but not annoyingly loud at all. Somewhat related- I installed a WCT throttle pedal spacer to assist with heel-toe downshifts.

This Mk7 is still on the original VW ‘DCC’ multi-mode adjustable dampers. I will say they feel a little tired, mostly in comfort mode, a bit floaty over the big freeway dips. However, in race mode, it rides firm and feels excellent. There's a few suspension creaks and rattles here and there to be expected in a 126k mile Volkswagen. It does have SuperPro adjustable sway bars, 26mm front and 24mm rear. Overall, and I hate to use this line but- it handles like it's on rails.

Lots of braking power for a little hatchback, this R has a StopTech STR-40 Trophy 355mm big brake kit (stock brakes included too). Rear calipers are stock, but there are StopTech slotted rotors to match the front. StopTech braided stainless lines all around. I also have a few spare sets of brake pads. Wheels are Neuspeed RSe06 (18x9 +45) finished in gloss bronze, they have a few small nicks and a small spot of rash. Tires are Michelin Pilot Sport 4S (245/40ZR18) showing 44th week of 2020 date codes. They're close to the wear bars, and they're beginning to show some minor dry rot as Michelins seem to do quickly (although, I've driven on much worse).

Everything electronic works great, not much to say here. I *just* installed a new AGM battery preventatively on May 17th as the car has been cranking slower the past few months. I also have installed an OEM 8” infotainment screen to replace the factory 6.5” unit. There is a hardwired power cable for a Thinkware dashcam, and I'll leave the mount just in case you get the same model (dashcam not included: Thinkware Q1000).

Well, I think that's everything. I love this car, but it's time to let it go. I'm sure I missed a lot of details, so feel free to ask any questions.

Asking price is $16,750 or best reasonable offer. Title is held by my credit union (CBC FCU), sale will take place at my bank, or your bank if you plan on financing. Vehicle has a clean title, current smog, and I have a Carfax report. Tags current til August 2024. I will link a Google Drive with more photos, and anything else relevant (I will also add a list of extra parts in a few days). Vehicle is located in Simi Valley.

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