SOS Bobcat services

We are experts when it comes to excavation, bobcat services, compacting, filling and grading. We work on residential sites, commercial sites, and industrial locations.

We travel in Santa Barbara, Ventura, and Los Angeles county.

We offer site clearing which can include removal of any vegetation or man-made structures on site. We can also move any material on site to allow trucks to pass through or to allow certain sections to be prepped for building.

We offer debris removal which is ideal before a construction process (and after). When done prior, debris removal is a great service for removing dirt, concrete waste, earth, tree trunks or other unwanted materials from a site. The same service is also often applied post-construction to remove building waste accumulated during the build period.

We do rough grading which is designed to create an even site surface that is either completely level or sloped as per the client’s needs.

We also can remove dirt from your location, and if necessary be moved to another location of your choosing.

We also offer backfilling services i.e. you have a hole in the ground that needs to be filled.

We help with construction/site foundations which can include providing clean lines and guarantee attaining the appropriate depth so that your building stands firm and strong no matter how large it is.

We do patio and driveway site preparation which can include clearing the site, backfill any sunken spots, grade the ground to a fine level or slope, and we can also compact the area to guarantee longevity even with heavy use.

We do light demolitions which might include ripping off old or worn driveways and patios, knock down walls and retaining walls, etc.

We offer land repurposing where you may want to change the use or application of a given space.

Our landscaping services offer dirt filling, leveling, site clearing, etc.

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