Solar energy is cheaper than electricity (Thousand Oaks)

Hello neighbors, my family and I are long time Conejo Valley residents and we are tired of our SC Edison bill constantly rising, I’m sure you are too — and they’ve made it clear it’s going up even more this summer. So I started looking into solar and along the way actually met the owners and execs at one company and liked them so much I decided to join them.

I believe they’re honest, have a great product to help save $, have been doing solar for 20 years and last but not least, very important… they don’t believe in the hard sell/sales pressure tactics. It’s, “here’s how much we will lower your bill, the tax rebates you’d get and if you’re interested great… if not, thanks for your time no biggee.”

Some things I’ve learned about the company, Solar.AI that make them stand out…

They’re vertically integrated meaning everything done for the customer uses in-house people. No subcontractors. Everyone from the folks who set up the initial meetings to the drone operator who maps out your roof to the panel installers are all under one roof (pun intended).

If you have a damaged roof and think you can’t get solar, your roof can be fixed for a fraction of the cost than if you fixed it alone, rolling it into the solar deal, saving $$.

We believe we have the best deals and can help so many people opt out of those huge Edison bills and lower their monthly costs. Eliminating the high “delivery fees” they charge for sending the power from the nearest power plant hundreds of miles away to your home and become your OWN power plant. All while getting a 30% federal tax credit.

Because it’s all done in-house we do installs in just a few weeks so you can start saving money right away.

All permits & utility paperwork taken care of.

If you have any questions please reach out to me.

If you’re open to going right to a brief meeting in the comfort of your home my colleague and I (he’s the VP and lives in T. O. as well) can swing by whenever it’s convenient for you. We’d show you a simple proposal.

Fun facts:

-95% of our systems are $0 down with long warranties

-raises your property values

-We also install backup batteries for when the grid goes down. It’s not if it’s when.

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to read this. Appreciate it.

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