I'm a French native providing one-on-one tutoring online to all levels
- Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
- Tweens, teens, adults

My tutoring sessions are entirely designed to fill your specific needs.
We establish your goals together and we work out a program to reach these goals.
I have been tutoring French for over 13 years and love seeing my students win.

************SUMMER SPECIALS 2024**************
If you need to skip French 2 - I have a special program especially for that which will get you through exactly what you need for the exam.
If you need to go abroad for a short trip, I have a program that gives you what you need to get around.
I have a 4 weeks French pronunciation class on Saturdays mornings from 10-12pm - starts July 6 - ends July 27 2024 - You learn all sounds of French, do a lot of drills and gain ability to understand spoken French and write it right.

In addition to the one-on-one tutoring I offer different services to sharpen your listening skills:
- A French pronunciation course that you can do at your own pace with access to myself every month for one hour to master your pronunciation.
- Monthly online French conversation meetups to improve your oral communication.
- French dictations to speed up your French spoken understanding and writing.

Contact Learn French with Brigitte to discover my online French classes.

PLEASE NOTE: It has happened that my answers to your communication via Craigslist go to your spam folder. So, if you don't see any answer from me within 24 hours, check your spam folder as it is most likely there.

Brigitte is a fantastic teacher! She is currently helping me learn French for my job and she is very flexible with your schedule. I am currently doing classes twice a week and it has been very beneficial and has me learning a lot faster! Sandra V.

Brigitte designed and taught a summer french program for my rising high schooler. She was a consistent patient teacher who prepared my child well to succeed on the placement exam. I would highly recommend Brigitte for any french language needs. C.G.

Ms. Brigitte is a great French teacher. She helped me prepare for the French interview. She was so thoughtful and most of her designed questions has been asked during the real interview. I really so appreciate for her great help! Eric Z.

Brigitte - Is fantastic! I wish I'd found her sooner. She puts French in simple terms making it easy and enjoyable! Posted by L.D.

Excellent tutor for my son. He is motivated to learn as Brigitte makes him motivated through her lessons. Posted by T.K.

I am truly grateful for French tutoring with Brigitte. I have been taking university level courses for several years. I had been struggling a little with the very advanced reading and writing levels. With Brigitte, I have come to comprehend a more accurate level of French. My reading, writing and speaking have improved significantly since I began working with Brigitte. Thank you Brigitte! Kristi M.

I am an adult who has been taking French lessons with Brigitte. I am learning a lot, I am building the confidence and knowledge to speak and write in French better and better. Brigitte is an excellent teacher! Patient, kind and helpful, and at the same time passionate about teaching the French language.
Brigitte is flexible and respectful of my schedule. The online classes work very well and include theory, exercises, listening comprehension, and detailed and customized attention to the student's needs. French is a beautiful language, and Brigitte can lead you on the wonderful journey of learning it and enjoying it! Posted by K.B.

We were looking for a teacher to help solidify and expand the basics of French that our daughter needed as she switched to a school without a French program. Brigitte was the perfect one for the job! Detailed and rigorous, she’s a skilled teacher, incorporating extensive grammar knowledge with reading comprehension and analysis. When we asked her to take some months to concentrate on lining up our daughter's AP skills, Brigitte knew exactly what was needed. Our daughter sailed through the test and received a perfect 5. Merci! B. L.

Brigitte is "fantastique!" I worked with her to improve my own French skills when I was a new French teacher, and recommended her to many of my students. The students who worked with her made noticeable progress! I also attended her incredible conversation nights as a member of her meet-up - "French Conversation Conejo Valley." These conversation nights helped keep my French skills sharp and fresh for my students. Brigitte is a patient teacher, a creative professional, and dedicated to her work. Merci beaucoup, Brigitte! Posted by E.S.

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