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legg innlegget til favoritter Gavin NEWSOME is a SCANDALOUS DRUNK . . (ventura) skjul innlegg vis

Witnesses attested that Gavin Newsome showed up drunk on the job when visiting a firefighter in the hospital.
It's public record that Gavin Newsome turned himself in to alcohol rehabilitation while in public office.
Gavin Newsome has among the poorest attendance records while in office.
It's public record that Gavin Newsome not only had an affair, but it was w/ his campaign manager's wife, which ruined these relationships.
Gavin Newsome's interests seem to lie more where the next party is, rather than California.
The guy will say and do anything to get votes, he consistently switches his position on issues, what a phoney.
This explains why he didn't bother to debate or even put a mission statement in the voter's guide, which all serious candidates do, doesn't want to be held accountable for anything.
California deserves better than this.
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