Blue Collar Male (33) looking for Accommodations (Ventura)

Hello my name is Joe, and I'm looking for a room to rent. I work full time in the office/warehouse for a small, local flooring company in Ventura. I'll occasionally work an installation at night that will keep me out late or until early the next morning. I'm basically looking for somewhere to eat, sleep, and relax a bit when I'm not working. Sometimes I work weekends, and others I don't. I have family in the county that I visit from time to time, and every once in a while I'll take a small trip somewhere.

I've rented rooms in the past, some were mediocre and lasted a few months, others were great and lasted a few years so rather than beating around the bush and trying to figure things out while living together I'll just be upfront about my lifestyle.

-Right off the bat, I'm 420 friendly, you do you!
-I am a private person that respects others' spaces and I expect the same in return.
-I clean up after myself almost immediately, I don't like potential problems regarding my cleanliness. I do however like to eat in my room while watching something I enjoy.
-When I am home, I am usually playing Online with friends and/or my younger brother, who lives a few hours away and don't get to see as much. Sometimes I can get a little loud over a game but, it's all in good fun, I typically can keep a lid on it!
-If possible I'd like to run an ethernet cable from the router so that my gaming does not interfere with the existing Wi-Fi, that's always worked best with roommates in the past.
-I'm single with no plans to change that in sight, I'm enjoying my "me" time, so no need to worry about over night guests.
-I am by no means a heavy drinker or "party animal" whatsoever. I might have the occasional beer with a meal.
-I'd like some fridge and pantry space, I don't need much, I tend to buy a lot of the same groceries.
-I keep myself on a fairly strict diet and prefer cooking my meals rather than eating take out every night, so kitchen privileges are a must. I have all my own cooking utensils and cookware. No need to borrow.
-I do have a mini fridge, IF absolutely necessary for space, that I usually like to hold emergency water, sparkling waters (I don't drink soda) and/or basic condiments that I'd otherwise keep in the fridge. ( I wouldn't be opposed to sharing the mini fridge space. I'd be willing to pay a few bucks extra towards electric bill to use/plug-in. At the moment it's sitting in the garage unused.)
-Speaking of garage, if there is some space I can store some camping gear, a small outdoor shed with lawn tools (approximately 2.5" x 1.5"), as well as my work/flooring tools. This isn't a must but would be greatly appreciated as I use them regularly and like to have them nearby and handy. Most of this is in tubs, containers, et cetera, and organized.

That's about it, I keep to myself, I mind my own business, will do household chores as I see them, and ask that if problems do arise that we please be civil. I'm looking for something within my budget. I'd be willing to pay a little more for the right setting. If you're ok with all of the above and think I might be a good fit for YOUR lifestyle feel free to call or text me and maybe we can set something up to meet and chat. Thanks for any consideration and have a great day.
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